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Pure CBD/CBDa Oil - Green Label 15%

Pure CBD/CBDa Oil - Green Label 15%

$ 40.00

The Green (RAW) Label is similar to the Blue Label but also contains CBDa. This paste form oil is rich in CBD and may contain other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenoids due to excess unfiltered plant material unlike the Gold Label which uses a more refined filtered extraction.

CBD Results: 12% - 18%
Form: Paste
Decarboxylated: No
Ingredients: Hemp Oil* (Seed & Stalk), Comprising ^Cannabidiol (CBD)

These CBD oil tubes come in convenient oral syringes. Lab results average concentration levels ranging from 12% to 18% CBD.

Directions: Squeeze the end of the tube to measure your desired amount onto a spoon then place oil under tongue for 60-90 seconds and swallow.

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